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A Risky Visit

“AFTER THE PROTESTS and the violence started up after the shooting, after the police response to it, after the media coverage of it that was both national and international in scope, and after there were repeated days and nights of protests—protests that were in some ways legitimate and peaceful, in other ways violent, and the police response, which was sometimes appropriate and sometimes not—you got the sense that the situation was spiraling out of

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Climate change isn’t slow. It’s very fast—centuries’ worth of disasters hitting each decade.
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abcV 38 E. 19th St., nr. Broadway 212-475-5829 Public Kitchen 215 Chrystie St., nr. Stanton St. 212-735-6000 WITH ITS ROSTER of soul-cleansing juices; its breakfast muffins with uplifting names like “Morning Glory
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R.R. & R.P. At most bars, nonalcoholic options run to fruity mocktails and ginger ale. At Honey’s in East Williamsburg (93 Scott Ave., at Randolph St.; 401-481-9205), there’s kvass, the ancient Russian beverage fermented from rye bread. While this S