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Our Huxtables

SIX YEARS AFTER a Harvard Law–educated black lawyer and her Harvard Law mixed-race husband and their two polished young daughters took up residence in the

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The Look Book
INTERVIEW BY ALEXIS SWERDLOFF How’s it going? I’m doing well, thank the Lord. How are you? Am great. Thanks! There are a lot of people dressed like you and singing—what are you doing? Me and members of our church, the Church of God, are here in N
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The American Artist
JERRY SALTZ “THE MOST ASTOUNDING AND IMPORTANT PAINTING SHOW...” SIKKEMA JENKINS & CO. CLOSES OCTOBER 14. JAMES BALDWIN ONCE SAID that “no true account really of black life can be held, can be contained, in the American vocabulary.” Kara Walker’s
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Do Mayors Do It Better?
OUR NATIONAL POLITICAL environment might be paralyzed by partisanship, culture-war posturing, and erratic leadership, but our cities tend to be resilient, even when they’re flash points for national disasters, both natural and man-made. At least that