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Streetscapes: Steal This Poster
“IT SEEMS SO OBVIOUS,” says the artist Hank Willis Thomas, who created the ALL LI_ES MATTER poster shown above, “that many people are lying when they say ‘All lives matter.’ If you believe all lives matter, then you’d also acknowledge that black live
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Meet You On The Corner Of Hype And Mercer
IF I WERE THE MOTHER of a teenage boy who owned more than three pairs of sneakers and spent longer than 60 seconds looking at himself in the mirror each morning, the intersection of Mercer and Howard Streets in Soho is where I would go looking for hi
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Does This Man Know More Than Robert Mueller?
IT’S 10:45 P.M. RIO DE JANEIRO TIME. Glenn Greenwald and I are finishing dinner at a deserted bistro in Ipanema. The restaurant, which serves its sweating beer bottles in metal buckets and goes heavy on the protein, is almost aggressively unremarkabl