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For the Record
‘O CANADA! OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND! TRUE PATRIOT LOVE IN ALL OF US COMMAND.’ NEW GENDER-NEUTRAL ENGLISH LYRICS to the Canadian national anthem, which lawmakers approved ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics; the line previously referred to the patrioti
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Controversial Former Trump Adviser Touted Kremlin Ties
A FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN ADVISER BRAGGED ABOUT HIS ties to the Kremlin in an August 2013 letter obtained by TIME. “Over the past half year, I have had the privilege to serve as an informal adviser to the staff of the Kremlin,” Carter Page wrote to an
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The Mounting Political Crisis In The Maldives
THE PRESIDENT OF THE MALDIVES THREW the Indian Ocean island chain into turmoil on Feb. 5, declaring a state of emergency and locking up judges who had just thrown out a conviction against his main political rival. Here’s what’s happening. CRACKDOWN