The Nov. 28 photo shoot at the President-elect’s residence in Trump Tower

POWER COMES IN ALL DIFFERENT tones and textures, which makes capturing it visually a particular challenge. It is a testimony to his talent and versatility

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WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT ... WORLD’S GREATEST PLACES TIME’s newest franchise, which debuted in the Sept. 3/Sept. 10 issue, elicited feelings of wanderlust in readers like Roger Desmond of West Hartford, Conn., who said reading it was like “riding a magic
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John Mccain’s Final Act
THE TOWN CARS ARRIVED ONE BY ONE at Washington’s National Cathedral, delivering a procession of political dignitaries that spanned generations and ideological divides. Inside, Presidents, fellow members of Congress and former political rivals gathere
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Learning From A Lion
I came to the Senate in 2013, knowing John McCain the legend but not John McCain the man. But he since became my colleague and chair. We traveled together. He taught me a lot. In my first months on the Senate Armed Services Committee, I unknowingly