The Nov. 28 photo shoot at the President-elect’s residence in Trump Tower

POWER COMES IN ALL DIFFERENT tones and textures, which makes capturing it visually a particular challenge. It is a testimony to his talent and versatility

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A 19th Century Schemer Remade For The Present
CLASSICS MAY BE CLASSIC FOR A reason, but that doesn’t mean they age perfectly. In the 21st century, it seems impossible that marriage could satisfy the intellectual appetites of a whipsmart Jane Austen heroine, or that The Merchant of Venice could h
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Adapting Genius
BARRY JENKINS DOESN’T JUST LOVE James Baldwin—he calls the 20th century literary lion his “personal school of life.” But Baldwin’s work was long out of reach for storytellers like him because the writer’s family has been, since his death in 1987, rel
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11 Questions
Lin-Manuel Miranda The creator of Hamilton on dancing through Mary Poppins Returns, raising boys and returning to the stage in Puerto Rico