How a new wave of real-time, data-driven tech tools can turn a disengaged staff into a passionate one

FOUR EMPLOYEES TO 250 in less than seven years is the type of growth most entrepreneurs would envy, but it was a management abyss for Assurex Health. “Engagement was so straightforward when we all sat around the same table,” says co-founder and COO Don Wright. “We could jump up on a desk and yell

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Early Days
THE HIPPIES HAD AN IDEA. It was 1978, and college dropout John Mackey had been living in a vegetarian co-op in Austin when he and his girlfriend, Renee Lawson Hardy, decided to open a small natural-foods store. They were 25 and 21, respectively, and
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No Churn, No Burn
Even before my company, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, began 2021 with our 10th-straight quarter of triple-digit gains, our competitors might have been tempted to assume we were working on borrowed time. With meteoric growth comes challenges. Among t
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Love Is Blind … Or Is It?
Taly Matiteyahu Co-founder and CEO of audio-only dating app Blink Date In 2012, while living in Tel Aviv, I ate dinner at a restaurant that operated in total darkness as a way to call attention to the experience of blind people. This gave me the idea