Crimes, cover-ups and competition

SMASH HIT Yokoyama’s sixth novel, Six Four, is his first to be translated into English

TWO MYSTERIES ARE AT THE HEART of Hideo Yokoyama’s Six Four: the 14-year-old cold case of a young girl’s murder and the recent disappearance of protagonist Yoshinobu Mikami’s teenage daughter. Yet most

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ON THE OPENING WALL LABEL FOR THE MUSEUM of Modern Art’s Bodys Isek Kingelez retrospective, the curators have compiled a list of materials deployed by the visionary Congolese artist “roughly organized from most to least prevalent.” To create his wild
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A FEW MINUTES AFTER RAWAN STARTED HER maiden drive as a student at the Saudi Driving School in Riyadh, the car began to make an ominous grinding noise. Mariam, the instructor, asked her to pull over. After an unscheduled lesson on roadside breakdowns
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TO BE KNOWN BY ONLY ONE name requires a certain degree of celebrity. Fittingly, at the time of her death on June 19 at age 46, Koko was perhaps the most famous ape in the world—a 280-lb. western lowland gorilla who did more than impress observers wit