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This Comics Artist Turned Apple's Terms and Conditions Into a Graphic Novel

Some know comics artist R Sikoryak for his Masterpiece Comics series, in which he projects classic novels through the lens of iconic comics with tongue-in-cheek flair. Think Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment" drawn and told in the style of a Dick Sprang Batman comic, or Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" rendered as an issue of the EC Comics classic "Tales from the Crypt."

Mr. Sikoryak's latest project brings his satirical mashup approach into the world of digital tech, but to a place that is decidedly mundane. So mundane, in fact, that nearly all of us ignore it completely: Apple iTunes terms and conditions. Yes, he turned the iTunes terms and conditions into a comic book.

"It's one of those things that everybody feels like they ought to read and nobody does. I kind of loved the impenetrability of it

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