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A few theories, not all of them having to do entirely with race.

White supremacy. Pure and simple.

→ “These are the same kind of folks who used to be called white supremacists, renamed themselves in the ’80s as white nationalists to sound less bad, and now have renamed themselves to look more like they’re part of the right wing. Until the Trump run, most of the people in this movement had no time for either political party. They basically felt like neither of the parties were appealing to their racial interests. Dog whistling wasn’t enough for them.”

—HEIDI BEIRICH, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project

With a new name to blur old hate …

→ “The term alt-right has strategic ambiguity. It’s not 100 percent clear who is the alt-right and who isn’t. It allows people to take on and discard elements of the ideology they don’t agree with, and because the alt-right itself is marked by heavy layers of irony, in-jokes, memes, it

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