Hiring a prototype contractor can be a cheaper and easier way to design your product. Use these tips to start building
MINDS BEHIND DESIGNS Contractors won’t just bring the physical tools to make your product vision a reality. The best ones will fill in your skill gaps and help you create something you might not have thought of on your own.

IN OCTOBER 2014, WHEN Leo Bereschansky dreamed up a ring that lets users signal for help, he didn’t realize he’d soon be on a mission to find a hired gun. But with hardware and software components to design, build, and integrate, he worked with three contractors and went through 140 design iterations before starting production. Nimb, his Wilmington, Delaware–based company, will ship its first rings in July, and Bereschansky’s glad

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Please Take Our Money!
In 2008, the Great Recession hit, and Daniel Lubetzky panicked. The Kind Snacks founder (and current executive chairman) was naturally averse to spending money, and the crashing economy—high unemployment, low consumer confidence—seemed like a deterre
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Theresia Gouw’s 7 Key Ingredients of a Successful Company
1 ACCOUNTABILITY TO CORE VALUES Establishing core values at your company is critical, but it’s just a first step. After stating what these core tenets are, you must hold the entire company accountable to them. It will help unify the team. Gusto, the
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Repeat Performance
SCHOOL PROJECT » Hu co-founded CarePort Health, which makes software to help hospitals create post-stay care plans for patients, for a Harvard Business School competition in 2012. FIRST MOVE » In October 2016, she sold the Boston-based company to hea