95 incredible app secrets

it difficult not to notice Apple’s fondness for minimalism. After all, it’s not like the iPhone is awash with ports and buttons, and if the new MacBook

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All
YOU MIGHT ASSUME that Apple’s newest iPhone will always be its best-selling, but it ain’t necessarily so. Market analyst Canalys looked at the numbers in Q3 2017 (Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter) and reports that iPhone 7 was the world’s top-selling sm
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Fujifilm X-E3
The X-E3 als o handle s image noise very well. It’s only at ISO 3200 that l uminance noise becomes no ticeable From $900 (body only) From Fujifilm, Features 24.3MP APS-C CMOS III sensor, 3-inch color touchscreen, Bluetooth Fujifilm’s
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Are You Ready to Go Full iPad?
WHEN STEVE JOBS unveiled the iPad nearly eight years ago, he made the point that it wasn’t just a bigger iPhone or a smaller MacBook — it was a third kind of device that, for some tasks at least, would be better than either. Since then, it’s gotten b