01 Parkray Asp ect 5 Slimline Stove

Designed to sit upon a shallow hearth, this real wood-burning stove offers full views of the flames flickering inside. Energy-efficient, and therefore

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City Slickers
It looks pretty discreet, but newto- the-scene Vanmoof promises great things with its ebike, such integrated smarts and app control. £2,798 vanmoof.com R&M’s New Charger ebike is hot off the press and features Bosch Powertubes hidden in the frame. £3
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Best of… Entertainment
Incredible 4K HDR is only a tiny part of this awesome package. The panel (55- or 65-inch) and bezel are super slim, it offers lightning response times, and great sound comes from a screen that’s also a speaker. From £2,800, sony.co.uk Loewe creates a
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The Smart Way to Stay
In the past, your hotel room key might be attached to something akin to a doorstop and the TV limited to a few channels only. Nowadays hotels are wising up to the demand for the latest technology and our desire to control room features via apps and s