Cookbook Author Crusades For Millions Of Kids Who Go Hungry In Summer

Good and Cheap writer Leanne Brown is teaming up with a national anti-hunger program to try to reach people who want help feeding their families healthy and affordable meals when school is out.
For 13.1 million American kids, the lack of access to school meals during the summer means they're not sure when they might next eat. Source: perepelova/iStockphoto/Getty Images

You might think of summer as a time for family cookouts and lazy days at the lake, but for 13.1 million American kids who are food insecure, the reality is very different.

For them, being out of school doesn't mean hot dogs and s'mores; it means not being sure when they're going to get their next meal.

"During the summer, six out of seven kids no longer have access to school meal programs," explains Stacey McDaniel, national spokesperson for anti-hunger initiatives at the Chicago-based YMCA of the USA (Y-USA). "If

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