Maybe It Was in the Cards

Yuchun Lee, the son of a Taiwanese ship captain, earned concurrent bachelor’s and master’s degrees (in electrical engineering and computer science) at MIT and founded his second company while on the school’s notorious blackjack team. After that company—Unica—sold for half a billion dollars, he co-founded the Needham, Massachusetts–based online training company Allego, using skills he picked up at school and casinos.
WINNING HAND Yuchun Lee, a Taiwanese immigrant, founded his first company when he was just 16. His third company, Allego, has landed on the Inc. 500.

YUCHUN LEE Allego → Three-year growth 5,401.5% 2016 revenue $5.7 million


I was on an MIT blackjack team for six years. The camaraderie on that team is pretty phenomenal. The money

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