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A Year in Reading: Paul Yoon

This year I read too many wonderful books to name all of them here, but some highlights were: ’s intoxicating , which is such a wild and yet disciplined exploration of the idea of the’s came out last year, but it is a book I hold close to me these days, a miracle of a novel, one of the most humane, visceral, gut-wrenching and precise stories I have ever read. ’s exploded in my head and I’m still reeling from the effects of living that journey. I absolutely loved ’s new one, . She is one of my favorites, one of those rare writers who, I think, can write a narrative where you feel layers, not only the layers of a character’s life, but literally the layers of sky, the earth, soil and history and the future. ’s will haunt me forever, a narrative that continues to astound me, and I think a near perfect portrayal of aloneness and solitude and deep longing. Finally, I just finished a book coming out next year, , by the great. It is a novel that carries a tremendous sense of the world, where I looked up upon finishing and sensed a shift in what I thought I knew, what I wanted to know. What a gift. It was what I needed. Readers are in for a treat.

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