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Hi clean eaters! I am so excited about this jam-packed issue and I think you will be too. First of all, we’re revealing the top three GOCLEAN45 challenge success stories that were so moving and inspiring, even our very own team who created the Simply Organic-sponsored program were amazed by their success. Three incredible women, Marianne, Michele and Margaret (or the three Ms as we referred to them around the office) underwent such impressive

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Your Fat-Loss Questions Answered
It definitely can, and here’s why. Number one, the body sees alcohol as a poison. Like a fire engine driving down the boulevard with sirens blaring, alcohol stops traffic into the liver and clears the way for the emergency. That means fat burning cea
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Meet Our Experts
Columnist and cooking instructor, Ivy is a frequent contributor to Clean Eating. She has written 8 cookbooks including her latest best seller Instant Pot Miracle 6 Ingredients or Less. As both a recipe developer and food stylist, Wren has worked with
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Delivering More of What You Want
A recent reader survey revealed some rather surprising stuff about you guys. I knew you were active, but what our research showed was that you’re not exactly wishy-washy when it comes to fitness – a whopping three-quarters of you are training at leas