pack mentality

THERE ARE RIDERS WHOSE HONOR-STUDENT CANINES WILL stick to a tire as well as their own shit does, but most trail dogs would never pass

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Hard Boyled
Kaitlyn Boyle’s only ridden mountain bikes for seven years. Her results last year make this seemingly short stint in knobby-tire-dom appear impossible: first at Tucson’s 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, first at her first WEMBO (think global, EWS-level of
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Dispersed Gratification
We had a decision to make, and nobody wanted to make it. Minutes earlier, we’d rolled into the Pilot Travel Center, our streams of warm breath cutting contrails through the brisk air, illuminated by beams from our bar-mounted lights and the headlight
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Sway Bar
Wide bars were never meant for trail bikes. Trails are narrow. Tracks are wide. As in race tracks. As in downhill race tracks. And although it was barely a decade ago that contemporarily wide bars emerged on the DH scene, that was a big decade for th