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And Down 140 Pounds!

NICHOLE MCCALL’S weight problems began in adolescence, with overindulgence in her mom’s Southern cooking. By the time she reached her late teens—and 165 pounds—her eating was more about her emotions than her taste buds. She used food to cope with grief

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Fit to Travel
’Tis the season…to finally cash in all those unused PTO days. But forget the headaches that holiday planning and commuting can cause. The real pain might just be the toll a trip takes on your system. “Travel is a major stressor for the body—it leads
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Balancing Act
AYA KANAI, CHIEF FASHION DIRECTOR Follow the ups and downs on Insta @ayakanai. I’ve always been prone to black-and-white thinking. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl, and when I decide to go after a big goal, like running a marathon or becoming a fas
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Put A Ring On It
MOVE 1 Lie faceup on floor, legs lifted and knees bent 90 degrees in tabletop position. Keeping head on floor, position ring between lower thighs and hands, pressing into it with hands as you activate lower abs (transverse abdominis). Press ring in l