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The Must List
GAMES IT’S A GOOD TIME TO BE A GAME maker. Hollywood’s creative-industrial complex has been seriously disrupted, reducing the summer blockbuster season to a nonevent. Meanwhile, sheltering in place has juiced gaming sales—they hit a record-breaking $
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The eccentric superhero family has to save the world from the apocalypse—and get back to the future before it’s too late. LAST WE SAW THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY—ape-bodied leader Luther (Tom Hopper), street-smart vigilante Diego (David Casta-ñeda), powerfu
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Superhero Pets
Captain Marvel 2019 Goose, Brie Larson’s fluffy orange cat in Captain Marvel, isn’t technically a cat but actually a deadly, cat-shaped alien called a Flerken, with a sprawling mass of tentacles concealed in her belly. But like most feline companions