Nobel Prize Judges Face Crisis 'Worse Than One Can Imagine' After Resignations

Three members of the Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel Prize in literature, protested its response to a simmering scandal by resigning their permanent roles. Now, the group is in a tough spot.
As permanent secretary from 2009 to 2015, Peter Englund fulfilled the Swedish Academy's most high-profile duty: announcing the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature. Here is is announcing French novelist Patrick Modiano's win in 2014. Source: Jonathan Nackstrand

After three members of the Swedish Academy resigned Friday, protesting its response to a long-simmering scandal, the committee known for awarding the Nobel Prize in literature has found itself in unfamiliar — and precarious — territory: Beyond examining the merits of an author's past work, as it does each year, the centuries-old group is now also facing questions about its own future.

, the academy's former permanent secretary, and authors and all resigned their technically permanent positions on the 18-member committee in quick succession, citing allegations against a high-profile figure closely

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