Union Leader Calls For An End To Oklahoma Teachers' 9-Day Strike

Teachers won a raise of about $6,000 before the walkout, but were not granted the full amount of their demanded funds to improve school conditions.
Thousands of teachers and their supporters marched outside the Oklahoma state Capitol building during the third day of a statewide education walkout on April 4. The strike ended this week. Source: Scott Heins

Teachers' union leaders in Oklahoma have ended a nine-day, statewide strike after winning salary raises but seeing a lack of legislative action otherwise.

The strike ends amid a wave of teacher protests inspired by pay and school funding that have rocked several red states this year, beginning in Westfrom lawmakers. from the Education Department shows that teachers earned less, on average, in 2017 than they did in 1990, adjusting for inflation. In Oklahoma, teachers make compared to other college graduates.

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