Home Schooled

advertising copywriter living in a tiny rent-controlled studio in New York’s West Village, dealing with a pain-in-the-neck landlord who was always trying to raise the rent. With the little bit of money he’d saved, he decided it was time to look for a place to buy. He ended up falling in love with a double row

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Hillside Hideaway
Ever since Jeff Albertson was a child, weekends at the beach have revolved around one particular stretch of western Washington State. After decades of vacations here, he decided it was time to establish a permanent place to stay. He and his spouse, B
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The Box Outside
When Andrew Zuckerman and Niki Bergen decided to build a large guesthouse behind their home in upstate New York, they didn’t ask their designers for two bedrooms, two baths, or any of the other usual requirements. “We led with a narrative rather than
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I just want to thank you for offering varied glimpses of homes around the world. They have been a great source of inspiration, a welcome distraction, and in some ways a source of solace during these uncertain times. TIOMBE OLUMIJI, PIKESVILLE, MD You