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The Big Cloud

By Camille Seaman, Princeton Architectural Press, £30.00, 176 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-1-61689-663-8

IN OUR 21 April issue, we featured the incredible work of US-based photographer Mike Olbinski whostorm chasers. However, the genre of storm photography is a busy field (also check out Mitch Dobrowner's incredible black & white images) and now there's one more name that is well worth your attention: Camille Seaman. Seaman became known as a photographer who dedicated herself to creating epic images detailing the shifting landscapes of the polar regions. In this volume, she turns her attention to the landscape of the skies and presents a series of images of storms across the US. These images are no less impressive than her previous works and communicate the tumultuous vastness of our awe-inspiring world.

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