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A Merger of Literary, Legal Minds

Having run her eponymous literary agency since 2005, in February Gillian MacKenzie joined forces with Kirsten Wolf, a publishing lawyer and the president of Wolf Literary Services, an agency providing legal consultation to other agencies, publishers, and independent artists. The merger resulted in MacKenzie Wolf, which offers all the services of a traditional literary agency plus

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A prize of $1,000 and publication by University of Nebraska Press is given annually for a debut poetry collection by a poet who was born in Africa, is an African national or resident, or whose parents are African. The prize is cosponsored by Prairie
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Literary MagNet
In her ingeniously structured debut collection, If the Body Allows It (University of Nebraska Press, September 2020), Megan Cummins intersperses stories about the book’s protagonist, Marie, with pieces the character herself has written. Marie’s attem
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Small Press Perseverance
IN MOST years Kaya Press, a small publisher in Los Angeles that specializes in writing from the Asian and Pacific Islander diasporas, takes in $3,000 to $4,000 through traditional book sales for the month of March, along with another $1,000 via direc