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Too often these days, British brands talk to me in the tone of the besieged. There is always an issue beyond their control — rent, supply, etc — that requires a reconsideration of strategy and redirection of investment. The glimmer of hope is the emergence of a luxury that necessitates the kind of understatement, quality and prominence that only the British can provide. One heritage brand that seemed the most vulnerable has emerged as an outlier of the trend and has seen numbers verging on the extraordinary. New & Lingwood are a marvel; they ooze the charm and elegance of the Piccadilly Arcade’s Victorian and Regency origins that are sought-after around the world. They are a cosy riposte to the sterile criteria of the Candy & Candy generation, and to cap it off they make great clothes. Always have done. After 152 years, their mission — to revive the importance of classic style and make it more relevant than ever, while refusing to compromise on the quality of the craftsmanship and fabrics — is successful largely thanks to their Chief Executive Officer,

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