Following a catastrophic visit to the local grease-slinger, during which repairs were advised for Guru’s clapped-out set of wheels that totalled far more than the car itself, he

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5 Essential Add-ons
If you want access to the Ebikemotion companion app while you ride, you’ll need to mount it somewhere. This mount from Finn makes it incredibly easy to strap it securely to your handlebars, no matter your choice of phone, and it can be quickly detach
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Embrace The Slow Life
If there’s one thing that’ll capture the essence of a slow, rustic lifestyle, it’s the smell of home baking. Panasonic’s kitchen-top conjuror comes with 25 different bread and dough modes, a raisin and nut dispenser that adds the ingredients at just
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Sony WH-XB900N
£230 sony.co.uk Sometimes when shopping online, you come across some very high-quality knock-offs of well-known products. They look and feel the same but the price is lower and there are little give-aways as to their true provenance. Well, with the W