Grant us peace

WHEN TIME AND THE ARTIST JR LAUNCHED OUR INTERACTIVE cover-mural project, Guns in America, on Oct. 25, we could not have predicted the depth of tragedy in the hours to come. The cover was meant, as JR and I put it during a

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A Wave Of New Bills Threatens Trans Youth
IT’S A SPRING EVENING IN ARKANSAS, AND JOANNA Brandt just closed down her boutique. She and her son Dylan, a 15-year-old with a thatch of floppy blond hair, are tired. It’s not the pandemic; Joanna has actually enjoyed remote-schooling her two kids.
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The New Recruits
When Tyrese Davis got accepted into Lincoln University’s police academy, the first of its kind at a historically Black college or university, his instinct was to keep it a secret. Davis, 22, prides himself on being the first man in his family to go t
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When The Rain Stops
WE HEARD ABOUT THE STORM A WEEK before the rains. Manny figured they wouldn’t be a problem. Jae disagreed. The news called it a minor inconvenience—a flash flood at most—but we’d learned not to lean too deep into forecasts. In the morning, Houston fe