America’s reigning expert on feelings, Brené Brown now takes on leadership

BRENÉ BROWN, PH.D., IS A SWINGER. SHE REALLY puts herself out there and goes at it with purpose, no matter whom she’s doing it with. To be clear: She swings on swings, in the park. And she’s good at it. She can swing without holding on. She can swing while holding forth on the human condition. She can swing while talking about the mixed blessing of changing a person’s life. She can swing while expounding on how research changes the way you see pain. She can swing with dignity.

This should not come as a complete surprise. Brown, 52, a research professor at the University of Houston, has built a mini-empire around the academic study of courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy, at least two of which are required to get on the swings in New York City’s Central Park

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