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1 It’s been a busy start to the year with engineer Al ‘DrAlien’ Smith mixing and mastering lots of great projects. The new seven-inch single by Australian Music Prize long-listers Nerve Quakes has just been finished, along with the debut album by dream popsters Corniglia. Al has also been out and about with the mobile rig, tracking a new long player from heavy Dbeat band Territory and a new EP for hardcore band Engage. Apart from the studio work, the DrAlienSmith product range will soon expand with its debut microphone, the Subkick-01, already selling well in Australia and overseas.


Cash Savage & The Last Drinks 2 were in with engineer Nao Anzai to lay down the best part of their new album. The band was tracked live to two-inch tape while spread across the studio’s four tracking rooms. The Harrison mic pres did

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