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At Newmarket Studios, Ella Thompson was in to record some strings, bass clarinet and grand piano from her Like Running Water collaboration. Engineer Callum Barter captured some amazing arrangements by Sam Boon, the stings/woodwind combination sounded warm and lush, and Clio Renner owned the piano parts, with it all coming together live in the same room.

It was then more strings with Georgia Fields having a very productive session tracking a whole mini album is a day. The pair of Scheops are always a winner for room mics on strings. The mix came

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SENNHEISER IE 500 PRO In-ear Monitors
Like a featherweight thrown into the ring against a super-heavyweight, Sennheiser’s IE 500 Pros come up against the big, burly flagships from the likes of Westone and Shure. Packing eight and four drivers respectively, they push huge sounds through g
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Oscillator Engine Types
Basic Waves: Wave morphs from square and sawtooth to dual-sawtooth waves. Timbre tweaks the duty cycle of the square wave or the phase relationship between the dual saw waves. Shape adds a sine sub oscillator. Superwave: Arturia’s take on the notorio
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Software News
There’s a first time for everything, and for mid/side processing pioneer Brainworx it’s virtual instruments, cutting it’s teeth on the Oberheim OBX! Reliant on fully-analogue, discrete circuits and a classic state-variable filter, Brainworx draw on t