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Things to do in APRIL



Pumpkins are ready to eat and store. Ripe pumpkins are heavy and sound drummy when rapped with the knuckles. To store them over winter, harvest with a small piece of stem attached. Carefully inspect fruit and only store undamaged fruit. Select a cool, dark, airy spot away from heating units. Check stored pumpkins regularly and use up any that are becoming soft. Also ready for harvest are early crops of snow peas.

Out in the vegie patch, clear away summer crops including green tomatoes (use them in chutney) to make

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Round The Mulberry Bush
Is there another fruit tree as magnificent as the mulberry? Its thick green canopy provides deep shade in summer, its sturdy branches are made for kids to climb and its sweet dark berries keep cropping from late spring through to summer so you don’t
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Things To Do In AUGUST
As the days lengthen and soils begin to warm, there’s an urge that comes over most gardeners to plant! If all threat of frost has passed, plant away, but if there’s still the chance of a sneaky late frost, hold off planting out cold-sensitive summer
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The Blue Lily
Nobody admires the blue berries of Dianella more than the satin bowerbird. Before blue milk bottle tops and plastic pegs became common in the environment, the satin bowerbird used the berries to decorate his bower and attract females. A large bird wi