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Nicholas Karlovasitis

industrial designer and co-founder of DesignByThem Nick Karlovasitis is a man of wide experience and curious creative thought — and his body of work is exemplary.

The creative calling struck Nick when he was just a whippersnapper. “From a young age I was always pulling things apart and putting them back together to the dismay

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Hot products & SERVICES
With the kitchen being the hub of the modern Australian home, Sirius has created a range of hoods that bring Italian flair and functionality to this special part of the house. Presenting the new Halo, a rangehood that combines the quiet, powerful ext
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Project Team
ARCHITECT/INTERIOR DESIGNER Timmins+Whyte Architects, BUILDER Barkers Burke Construction — Robin Riotto STRUCTURAL ENGINEER R Bliem & Associates Lighting Red Sock Lighting External green furniture Cult Design Dining table/cha
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A TANGLE OF angles
“a house that is bold but not outrageous. Something different from everything else in the suburb.” This was the gist of the brief handed to Architekt Grune Hauser, a multi-disciplinary firm of four specialising in bespoke housing projects. “The main