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Having a glorious giggle reduces blood pressure and also helps you stay healthy by boosting your immune system.

Do you blush bright red even when you feel just a tiny twinge of embarrassment? Perhaps you get slippery, sweaty palms when you give an impromptu speech, or your heart feels as though it will explode out of your chest when you feel nervous.

Fear, anxiety and awkwardness are very real emotions that everyone experiences in different situations. Some people seem to take circumstances that can potentially cause fear or embarrassment in their stride. For others, tripping over their tongue, or feeling uneasy, leads to blushing, sweating and feelings of anxiety.

Being embarrassed often leads to even more uncomfortable sensations, Fortunately, you can deal with these reactions in natural ways and break the embarrassment cycle. In fact, you can even find ways to find the silver lining in those awkward moments.

What’s really going on?

To gain an understanding of how and why humans react in different situations, clinical psychologist Les Posen says we need to take a step back. “What happens in an anxiety-provoking situation that causes blushing or sweating is often the result of overestimating the presence of danger

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