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I started this job with the intention to never leave. What could possibly be better, I thought, than helping to synthesise empirical research and traditional wisdom and presenting it in a tactile, accessible format to an expanding circle of smart people to encourage them

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Let Kindness In
In September 2018, Jacinda Ardern, the young and dynamic Prime Minister of New Zealand, stood before an almostempty United Nations General Assembly hall and called for a new kind of leadership. Specifically, one centred on kindness. Months later, in
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WellBeing Gives Space To The Creative Souls In Our Community
T: +61 428 780 790 E: spice.tina@googlemail.com W: instagram.com/artra.spice I’ve been doodling since I was able to hold a pencil, thanks to my dad who used to sit and draw with me. Trying to explain shading and perspective to me at such a young age
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Building Courage
When we hear the word courage, we most commonly visualise scenarios around defending ourselves or others from attack — physical, verbal, emotional or psychological. Yet our personal courage ranges deeper than just fight or flight and, when triggered,