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If you want to be really adventurous, here are six salad plants that you are unlikely to find on the supermarket shelves and are rarely seen in farmers’ markets.


A mild-flavoured summer leaf, valuable in

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Add Some Herbs
Basil features heavily in so many pasta recipes. I wouldn’t be without it. Sow pots of basil every couple of weeks from spring to summer to keep their beautifully aromatic leaves coming, and so you can load your sauces up with generous handfuls inste
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That Sunny Sunflower Feeling
Originating in the southern states of North America and Central America, sunflowers belong to the daisy family (Aristaceae). Their large flowerheads are nothing short of spectacular and wherever you have them in the garden or on the veg plot, they ar
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Summer Or Winter Squash?
Squashes can be divided into summer and winter varieties. Summer types, which include courgettes and scallop or patty pan, mature much more quickly than the winter types featured here. They have thinner skins and are unsuitable for storing. Just pick