Regular readers of my bike-building exploits will know my style by now. I build cheap and cheerful, counting every penny and making do with secondhand parts and junk. But when I’m out photographing feature bikes, I see so many with big money spent on this, that or the other. Normally I’m impressed with the financial commitment, but consider it alien to my own philosophy. But here I am, at 63 years old, building what is almost certainly my last race bike. And, it must be said, after a couple of lucky deals which came my way, I actually have a little bit of money in hand. So from the start I decided that there were some areas where I’d spend a little bit of money.

One of those areas would be the engine’s barrels. John Hill’s superb castings not only give you the option to

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Who among us has not been bitten by the bug of wanting to relive some dear dead days beyond accurate recall? And thus we surf the internet, semi-casually hunting for bargains, and pore over the classified columns in search of some relic of our past w
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Talking Point
‘This is the fourth motorcycle that I have owned and the only one where people wave me down to talk about it,’ says Scott in Ohio, USA. ‘These twins have such a classic look that I was instantly drawn to them. It’s possible to build a café-style bike
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The Pint-size Panther
Recently, I sorted out a Panther to get it going well enough to be a reliable ride for Frank, its owner. I have already brought two 600 / 650 Panther singles back to life, but this was the first time I had encountered a Model 70. It dates from 1947 a