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Black Butterfly Collection
1m x black Accu-Flex 1m x 22 gauge metre gold 1 x gold plated crimp 1 x 10cm hair clip 8 x gold Pure Allure Butterfly sliders Jet 32 x 4mm Jet Swarovski bi-cones 6 x Swarovski pendants 6000 Jet 17 x 4mm gold plated brass square rounds Wire cutters Ro
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All about Shell
SHELL IS FORMED NATURALLY BY various types of mollusc. Molluscs have calcium rich blood which is filtered through an outer organ called the mantle. The mantle then separates the calcium from the blood and turns it into calcium carbonate crystals whic
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20 Projects For Under $20 Each
Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Wire cutters Crimping pliers Glue 5 x Tibetan silver hangers 19 x head pins 1 x neck ring 5 x 10mm Orchard Rd rounds French blue 8 x 6mm Orchard Rd bi-cones onyx 6 x 6mm Orchard Rd bi-cones crystal AB 5 x 4mm Orch