Dreyer is an amazing trail runner and distance runner. Lately, he's unfit with no time to train, but still has incredible ability.

I'm sad that I did not start many Drakensberg peak tagging runs he did while I was training and racing XTERRA. He used to tag one Drakenberg peak every week.

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Rockhopping on the trail/rocks in Herolds Bay in December 2009, I slipped and fell 10 metres onto the rocks below, before being sucked into the riptide and washing out to sea. In the process, I fractured my L4 vertebra, causing a complete break of th
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“How is it possible for something that exists only in our IMAGINATION to become a reality? It is a remarkable quality of our mind that we first CREATE objects with our imagination and then bring them into our everyday REALITY. In fact, EVERYTHING sta
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Running Saved My Life
Mike Tredway, Mooi River miketredway Knock it back to 2010. I was in a DARK SPACE, with no apparent escape. Then it got even WORSE! I had a road ACCIDENT. Drove my car under a stationary truck on the freeway. I decided then that NEVER AGAIN would I t