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The Superpowers Of Wizard Sticks
To pole or not? That is the question every trail runner asks – eventually. It turns out that trekking poles appeal to both racing snakes and back of field flower sniffers. But they are not a tool you’ll use on every run. Learn from a cross-section of
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Kaapschehoop MP
Access All day, all year Dogs On leash Fee R40 / Trails 5 / Best route 17km / Ascent 350m / Difficulty Intermediate / Time 160min Get there Thirty minutes from Nelspruit on Kaapschehoop Road. -25.5927°, 30.7659° Kaapschehoop is situated in the histor
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My Best Run, Ever!
Fish River Canyon 2018, finishing sixth. All I can say is that a canyon run is absolutely breathtaking. The quietness and the scenery takes over in those moments when you are running all by yourself. Before you know it, the 11-hour run is done. There