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Six Hundred!

IT is with great pleasure alacrity that we celebrate the publication of this month’s issue which is the 600th issue of NZ Hot Rod magazine. This lofty milestone is a first for any NZ automotive publication and has come on the top of the hour of 51 years of continuous publication. I’ll be bold and brave here and say unequivocally that no other hot rod magazine published here in NZ will ever equal this 600 issue milestone achievement and that’s because of a

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Reborn Roadster
I ORIGINALLY purchased the smallblock Chev powered 1932 Ford roadster built initially by Ian Rainbow in the early eighties, in 2011 with the intention of driving it for fun and to take it to car shows. Well! I could not sit in it properly as my legs
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THERE are two reasons for this copy from In Passing October 1970. Whakatane Club have always been keen on drag racing and this was an attempt to run a meet at the Whakatane Airport. It could still happen as Air New Zealand no longer fly there. Second
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BODY: 1933 Ford. STYLE: Tudor Sedan MANUFACTURER: Ford Motor Co. Modifications: All original Henry Ford steel MANUFACTURER: Stock 1933 MODIFICATIONS: Fully boxed with TCI Crossmembers FRONT SUSPENSION: Supe Bell dropped I-beam, Posies spring, Pete an