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Helen Baumann of Helen Baumann Design discovered the real joy of designing interesting spaces while working as a set designer at the ABC in the ‘90s, but had been involved in the field since completing her

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Schots Home Emporium
State of the art wall hung vanities that withstand the test of time. All wall hung vanities come in a range of sizes to suit everyone’s needs. Sizes available vary from 60-180cm, single & double variations. Handles available in multiple finishes. Pic
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A Timber Love Affair
There’s something inherently loveable about timber elements in a kitchen. Perhaps it’s the way they connect us to nature and the world outside. Maybe it’s a throwback to days gone by, when cooking with wood was the only way to survive. Whatever the r
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Washing Made Easy
The laundry is often overlooked when it comes to home design. It’s frequently left until the last minute, with simple plumbing and a few cabinets or shelves installed to ensure it meets basic functional needs. But what if your laundry could be a plac