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With so many innovations in kitchen design and kitchen appliances, the best advice for the kitchen renovator or an appliance upgrade purchaser is to discuss the latest technology and

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Best Of Both Worlds
An exciting new addition to AGA’s world-famous cooker range is the first of its kind to feature both cast-iron and induction cooking. Bringing together the best of both worlds, the AGA eR3 Series 90 delivers versatility, with the option to cook low a
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Jewel of The Kitchen
Your kitchen should house a rangehood that ticks all the right boxes. It should be able to remove odours quietly while you cook and entertain family and friends. Qasair has revolutionised the kitchen space, offering rangehoods that maintain efficienc
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Contemporary Meets Coastal
EXPERT TIP Take care when choosing the materials that will face the hardest wear and tear in the kitchen, as longevity begins here. One order of a dreamy kitchen perfect for a bustling young family and complete with the most gorgeous green and white