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Keeping The Faith
THE HYMNS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAVE BEEN THE SOUNDTRACK to Joe Biden’s life. He attends Mass on Sundays and holy days, and before major events. In Oval Office meetings, Biden sometimes pulls from his pocket a string of rosary beads that belonged to
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The Shipping Crisis
As the world watched the large container ship Ever Given block the vital shipping artery of the Suez Canal, I thought back to my own trips through the canal as a U.S. Navy captain and admiral. There is a fundamental lesson to be relearned here about
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Desperate For Debt Forgiveness
HER $90,000 IN STUDENT DEBT TRAILED JILL WITKOWSKI Heaps for decades, like a pesky private eye, as she moved from New York to Fort Myers to New Orleans to Annapolis, always hovering to remind her of her negative net worth. And then one day, while sit