Artist's Palette

Creating from Chaos

Ed Labadie is a New Zealand artist, formerly from the USA. He is the director of the Arts Academy in Christchurch, where he teaches drawing and painting. His career combines a diverse background in graphic design, illustration and fine arts. He presently concentrates on painting, exhibiting, and teaching throughout Australasia.

Ed acquired his Associate of Arts degree in 1972 and continued

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Galapagos Lizard
• Black Colorfix paper.• Rembrandt pastels.• Pastel pencils.• Willow charcoal.• Micador Workable Matt Fixative. I drew an outline of the Galapagos Lizard in Titanium White pastel, exaggerating his bulk and form to try and capture his ‘essence’. I sh
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Master Hints And Tips
• The more I look at a painting, the more I will search for mistakes. I usually go away and have a cup of tea if something is not right, and by the time I return it will either look better or I will see a way to correct it. It is easy to overwork and
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• Artists’ canvas.• Winsor & Newton oil colours, including: Titanium White, Carbon Black, Burnt Sienna, Naples Yellow Hue, Yellow Ochre and Dioxazine Purple.• Various quality brushes – preferably Sable – ranging from broad to very fine. This is a por