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Organic Dynamic
LILY PATINATED BOWLS BY CONRAD HICKS FOR SOUTHERN GUILD, POA These unique, hand-forged copper bowls are made using traditional blacksmiths’ methods. UFO COFFEE TABLE BY DOKTER AND MISSES, R8 500 The way in which the obelisk pi
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The Return of Rattan
Try to keep rattan, cane and wicker furniture out of direct sunlight. If they have to be in a sunny spot, rotate pieces regularly to ensure they are exposed to the sun equally on all sides. Clean these natural fibres every few weeks: wipe down with
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Open Dialog
“Miele’s Dialog oven is like no other smart kitchen appliance on the market,” says Mercia de Jager of Miele. “Using it gives you an idea of what it must’ve been like to use the microwave oven for the first time back in the 1950s.” Featuring the sleek