In 'Saturn's Return,' Astrology Is A Framework, But Not A Fix

Sara Gran's first novel, now reissued, takes an astrological concept as the jumping-off point for a messy, prickly, realistic depiction of a difficult year in a young woman's life.

In 2000, Sara Gran's prospects seemed bleak. She was 28, broke, full of frustrated literary ambition and convinced life was passing her by. She was wrong. Later that year, Gran sold her first novel, Saturn's Return to New York, newly reissued by Soho Press. Looking back, she writes in her introduction, "this feeling of dread and doom at twenty-something seems dramatic and slightly ridiculous. At the time it all felt very important and very real." By astrological standards, it was.

Gran wrote during her own Saturn Return, which, for the, astrology, like Saturn, has returned.

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