Over the past decade Pat and his team have developed areputation for high-quality restorations. Unlike the dangerous ‘Nammer’ re-builds, Pat’s restorations were built to European specifications 

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Project Poland: Man Down
Of all the things that I thought could jeopardise Project Poland, the NHS wasn’t one of them. Unfortunately, we have some illness in the family. Before anyone sends a get well card, it’s not me, but we’re faced with problems that many readers with el
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Project Street Sleeper Part 6
My biggest frustration when I rang the garage was fitting shitty parts, and as we all know… the scooter world is full of them! In the end I had a very specific list of parts that I would work with, and wouldn’t entertain anything outside of that remi
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Vmsc Extravaganza 2019 A Vibrant, Exciting And Rewarding Day For Everyone!
The extravaganza was held at the usual location, the Sports Connexion Centre, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry. When I arrived there was already a large amount of activity with dealers and traders hastily unloading their goods ready for sale. In the meant