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An announcement from some of the country’s leading event promotors of rockin’ weekenders and events that from now on there will be a ban on what is generally known

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Selling Dodges
Dodge had successfully navigated the middle-section of the US car market for much of the early 20th century, alternately espousing its low running costs but high tech design (everything from 12 volt electrics and all-steel body construction). Marketi
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1944 to 1960
Cashing in on the company’s prowess in truck making during the war was a no brainer for the marketing folks at Dodge. The Power Wagons had gained the marque an enviable reputation for building tough, powerful trucks, as evidenced in this ad. Retur
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THRUXTON THRILLER Classic Sports Car Club Meeting
What a very strange world we are living in right now. Most motoring events have been cancelled for the year, but the Classic Sports Car Club bravely decided to push ahead with its two-day race meeting at Thruxton in Hampshire. The event was actually