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The Fast Times of the Eggplant Emoji

Freud, sometimes an eggplant is just an eggplant. Unless it’s an emoji, and then it’s definitely a dong. For most of history, bananas were the

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I’m Battling A Global Crisis
EIGHT YEARS ago, Kevin J. Patel was sitting in his sixth-grade classroom when the chest pains hit. His heart was beating fast and it was hard to breathe, so he told a teacher. “I thought I was fine,” Patel says, “but everyone else was freaking out.”
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Beating Microaggressions
A colleague regularly dismisses what you have to say during meetings. THE EMOTIONAL APPROACH Talk to the person in private and say, “I felt hurt when you said that.” This can help convey your frustration and helps them avoid defensiveness. A person s
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World Letter From The Editor
Q+A WITH THE E.I.C. you would tell YOUR 20-YEAR-OLD SELF if you had the chance? —@l_b_jefferies) FIRST I’D GRAB the little bastard and tell him he’s gonna regret that Dave Matthews Band tattoo. (That’s a joke.) Then I would ask him to kindly put out