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THIS COLUMN IS usually more or less devoted to the doings of and offers from the world’s motorcycle tour operators. I know that’s been handy for a lot of our readers because they’ve told me. Reliable information can be hard to come by, and tours are gaining popularity at a remarkable rate. The reason is simple; our most precious possession today is time, and choosing an organised tour means committing to a trip that has a defined and limited duration. You can make it fit into annual holidays, if you like.

Going off by yourself on your own bike is all very well within Australia or New Zealand, and shipping to Unzud is easy and quick, although in New Zealand you need a WoF or Warrant of Fitness for your bike and there may be a bond. Going further overseas with your own bike requires more homework and time. Just your flight to Europe or somewhere in America is a major time investment, apart from paperwork. I for one try to fit in more than one thing to justify two lots of 24 hours spent in that aluminium tube. Whether you ship your bike or rent one overseas, I strongly suggest you pack in

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Editor Speaks
ARE WE AS A NATION getting dumber? I think we could be judging by the stupidity I witnessed on a recent trip north out of Sydney. More and more drivers (and some riders) are looking at the edge of their bonnet (front tyre for the riders) and not taki
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Sa Sidecar Gathering
WITH THE PROMISE of dry weather I made a run for the Sidecar Gathering at Whyte Yackowie to catch up with a few dubious characters. Day one was an uneventful run to the Murray River to pick up my riding mate. Heading for Mildura the next day we hit s
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1976 Kawasaki Z900 A4
OKAY, AFTER A MILD heart attack after finding that the frame was pretty messed up, Lady Luck has come to my aid. A fellow who has a massive collection of Z900 parts just happened to have a perfect 1976 A4 frame among them. I couldn’t believe it as I