What is 2019’s Essential Design Destination?

Everything about Lisbon breathes beauty. Color palettes that change within a square meter bring pure joy. Designs that span centuries come together in a beautiful, timeless mix.


n Barcelona you can find design everywhere. Of course, there’s the famous architectural part,

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Dwell 7 mnt membacaPoverty & Homelessness
How to Build an Affordable America
Carroll Fife, head of the Oakland chapter of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), hit a major turning point last fall. A homeless mother who’d sought help from her organization had just attempted suicide, while up to a quart
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Make It Work (from Home)
CR8 Design “I’m from Anderson, South Carolina, born and raised. I studied architecture and got a job as a courier at a design studio, where I was always behind the scenes watching, listening, asking questions. I went on to work at a high-end resident
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One Last Thing
What I love about this skate deck is its ambiguity. The colors blur, the shapes are undefined, but there are enough recognizable images in there to capture the eye—almost like an optical illusion. I have it hanging in my studio, and as I’m going abou